Hladnjak za laptop Canyon CNR-FNS01 up to 17''
Hladnjak za laptop do 17'' CANYON CNR-FNS01Fans Quantity: 1x 120mm*120mm*25mmRated Speed Max: 1000 R..
Hladnjak za laptop Rampage AD-RC5 up to 17''
Hladnjak za laptop do 17'' Rampage AD-RC5Fans quantity: 5x 100mm*100mm*50mmDimension: 455x312x32,5mm..
Hladnjak za laptop ThermalTake A23 up to 16''
P/NCL-N013-PL12BL-ACompatibilityFor 10”~ 16”Notebook Dimension350 x 260 x 32 mmFan Dimension120..
Kofer za laptop Fujitsu 15,6''
KOFER ZA LAPTOPPROIZVOĐAČ: Fujitsuza laptope do 15,6"BOJA: crna7KM Dostava na kućnu adresu..
Kofer za laptop Fujitsu Siemens 15,6"
KOFER ZA LAPTOPPROIZVOĐAČ: Fujitsu Siemensza laptope do 16"BOJA: crna7KM Dostava na kućnu adresu..
Laptop Asus A54L i5-2430m 128GB SSD 4GB RAM 15,6''
Laptop Asus A54L 15,6''CPU: Intel Core i5-2430m 2,40GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3SSD: 12..
Laptop Dell Latitude E7440 i7-4600u 160GB SSD 8GB RAM 14''
Laptop Dell E7440 14''CPU: Core i7-4600u 2,10GHzRAM: 8GB DDR3SSD: 160GBGrafika:&..
Laptop Fujitsu E734 i5-4300m 500GB HDD 4GB RAM 13,3''
Laptop Fujitsu E734CPU: Intel Core i5-4300m 2,60GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3HDD: 500 GBGrafika:&n..
Laptop Fujitsu LifeBook E736 i5-6300u 128GB SSD 8GB DDR4 13,3''
Laptop Fujitsu E736 13,3''CPU: Intel Core i5-6300u 2,40GHzRAM: 8GB DDR4SSD: 128GBGraf..
Laptop Fujitsu LifeBook U745 i5-5300u 128GB SSD 8GB RAM 14''
Laptop Fujitsu U745 14''CPU: Intel Core i5-5300u 2,30GHzRAM: 8GB DDR3SSD: 128GBGrafik..
Laptop Fujitsu S752 i5-3320m 320GB HDD 8GB RAM 14''
Laptop Fujitsu S752CPU: Intel Core i5-3320M 2,60GHzRAM: 8GB DDR3HDD: 320GBGrafika:&nb..
Laptop HP 15-bs151nm i3-5005u 500GB HDD 4GB RAM 15,6''
Laptop HP 15-bs151nmCPU: Intel Core i3-5005u 2,00GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3HDD: 500GBGrafika:&n..
Laptop HP Envy 4-1181eg i5-3317u 320GB HDD 4GB RAM 14''
Laptop HP Envy 4-1181egCPU: Intel Core i5-3317u 1,70GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3HDD:  320GB&..
Laptop HP Envy dv6 i7-3610qm GT 630M 240GB SSD 8GB RAM 15,6''
Laptop HP Envy dv6 15,6''CPU: i7-3610qm 2,30GHzRAM: 8GB DDR3SSD: 240GBGrafika:&n..
Laptop HP Pavilion 13-b030nz i5-4210u 120GB SSD 8GB RAM 13,3''
Laptop HP Pavilion 13 13,3''CPU: Intel Core i5-4210M 1,70GHz up to 2,70GHzRAM: 8GB&nb..
Laptop HP Pavilion dv6 i5-2410m HD 6700M 120GB SSD 8GB RAM 15,6''
Laptop HP Pavilion dv6 15,6''CPU: Intel Core i5-2410M 2,30GHzRAM:  8GB DDR3SSD:&..
Laptop HP ProBook 640 G1 i5-4210m 240GB SSD 8GB RAM 14''
Laptop HP ProBook 640 G1 14''CPU: Intel Core i5-4210m 2,60GHzRAM: 8GB DDR3SSD:&n..
Laptop Lenovo 80QQ i3-5020u 500GB HDD 4GB RAM 15,6
Laptop Lenovo 80QQCPU: Intel Core i3-5020u 2,20GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3HDD: 500GBGrafika..
Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad U310 i5-3317u 120GB SSD  4GB RAM 13,3''
Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad U310CPU: Intel Core i5-3317u 1,70GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3HDD: 320GBGraf..
Laptop Lenovo L540 i5-4200m 120GB SSD 8GB RAM 15,6''
Laptop Lenovo L540 15,6''CPU: Intel Core i5-4200 2,50GHzRAM: 8GB DDR3SSD: 120GBG..
Laptop Lenovo L540 i5-4200m 500GB HDD 4GB RAM 15,6''
Laptop Lenovo L540CPU: Intel Core i5-4200 2,50GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3HDD: 500GBGrafika:..
Laptop MacBook A1286 i5-520m GT 330M 250GB SSD 4GB RAM 15,4''
Laptop MacBook PRO A 1268 15,4''CPU: Intel Core i5-520M  2,40GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3SSD..
Laptop Toshiba C50-B i3-4005u 120GB SSD 4GB RAM 15,6''
Laptop Toshiba C50-BCPU: Intel Core i3-4005u 1,70GHzRAM: 4GB DDR3SSD: 120GBGrafika:&n..
Laptop Toshiba C70-B-14H i5-4210u R7 M260 240GB SSD 17,3''
Laptop Toshiba C70-B-14H 17,3''CPU: i5-4210u 1,70GHzRAM: 8GB DDR3SSD: 240GBGrafi..
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